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A bevy of beauties...

As the busy summer season slows, it's time to post a selection of photos from the past few months.  Big, small, beautiful, bold, classical, quirky... every one makes me feel full of love.

I'm very proud of my babies, hope you like them too ;)

_MG_0863 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_2313 watermarked 2nd crop.jpg
_MG_2252 crop 2 watermarked.jpg
_MG_0073 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_1049 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_2286 crop 2 watermarked.jpg
_MG_1170 crop_edited.jpg
IMG_0971 watermarked.jpg
_MG_0988 Watermarked small.jpg
_MG_0320 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_0144 crop small.jpg
_MG_1098 crop.jpg
_MG_0450 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_0398 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_2202 crop Watermarked.jpg
Cissbury Barns Photoshoot - Velvet Storm
_MG_1242 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_0621 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_0685 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_0084 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_0530 watermarked.jpg
_MG_0517 crop.jpg
_MG_2369 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_1009 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_0698 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_1300 crop Watermarked.jpg
IMG_1784 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_9955 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_0764 watermarked.jpg
_MG_0583 crop.jpg
_MG_0313 Watermarked small.jpg
CGP_1078 small.jpg
IMG_0066 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_1180 watermarked crop insta.jpg
IMG_0881 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_0835 crop watermarked.jpg
_MG_0397 watermarked small.jpg
_MG_1130 crop watermarked copy 2.jpg
IMG_9711 crop watermarked small copy.jpg
_MG_0036 crop watermarked small.jpg
_MG_0668 Watermarked copy.jpg
IMG-9480 Watermarked small copy.jpg
IMG_0815 copy watermarked small copy.jpg
117_MG_0701 watermarked small copy.jpg
_MG_1029 crop small copy.jpg
_MG_1037 small copy.jpg
IMG_1966 watermarked.jpg
_MG_0766 watermarked small copy.jpg
_MG_0679 watermarked small copy_edited_e
_MG_1217 crop No2 watermarked.jpg

As Autumn takes hold, bold colours brighten each day

From classic elegance, to love birds on a tree stump, it's been a busy year in Kasserina-land

and with some great cakes lined up over Christmas, the fun's not over yet!

We've got some exciting projects lined up to next year too; wedding, birthdays, styled shoots...

Meanwhile, a big thank you to all our clients, collegues and friends.

Wedding season is in full swing

It's been quite a summer so far, and it's been a real honour to be part of the weddings

of such lovely couples.

The weather may not always have been on our side, but love has shone through every time!

Rainbows and flowers and drums and pups...

Honestly, I'm so excited about what's going on right now! 


There is so much fun stuff coming up and there are so many new cake design sketches hanging up on the confirmed orders board that I'm dying to show you... but until the "hush-hush" becomes a "look what we did!", just wanted to show you some of the gorgeous things that have come out of the Kasserina kitchen in the past couple of months.

Go us!

A quick round up

A very Happy New Year to all our customers and friends.

Hope your holiday season was as much fun as ours and that Santa bought you lots and lots of goodies!

I'm a bit behind posting, so here's a quick montage of some recent work.

Lots of exciting things coming up too.  It's go, go, go at Kasserina HQ.

Whoohoo! Loving 2017 already.


Celebrating Nina

It's been an amazing time for my old friends, the Blaine Brothers.  


They wrote, directed and released their first feature film "Nina Forever".  Since then, it's been lauded all over the world, winning awards and being championed by reviewers.  


Now it's available on Amazon on DVD, Blue-ray or via Streaming services.


Go to:


I love this film, it's well worth buying



















The amazing Oliver Russell shot it, it's got an an incredible cast, is beautifully designed and styled and will honestly surprise you with it's humour and nuance.


To celebrate the DVD release the directors, Ben and Chris, did a whirlwind tour of the U.K. at selected cinemas with special showings of the film and a Q&A session afterwards.  I caught up with them at the Ritzy cinema in Brixton and, of course...I brought cake.


You can see the making of this cake on my blog:

30% off your wedding jewellery

Another great deal to check out!


Charlotte at Chalk Designs makes the most beautiful jewellery, inspired by nature and absolutely perfect for a bride or as bridesmaids gifts.


She is having a 30% off spring sale. Well worth taking advantage of!


You can check out her collections via the website, or give her ring to talk about a bespoke design.  She's honestly lovely.


Kitchen capers

This week is all about cake experimentation as have some special requests coming up over the next few months.  Have been gathering recipes, tweaking flavours and combining techniques to make them more Kasserina (ie. richer / fresher / more yum!). Very happy with the results!

My new favourites are: 
Triple caramel mud cake with salted caramel frosting
Lime, yogurt and rose cake with raspberry ripple frosting 
Ginger and rhubarb cake with ginger fudge frosting
strawberry and rosewater cake with strawberry compot and champagne frosting 
Coffee, cardamom and walnut cake with brown butter frosting

Next on the list is a lime honey and pistachio cake with orange blossom, and a marshmallow frosting.

The beach ready figure may have to wait but hey, this is more fun anyway!

Of course, there's been no slacking on the sugarcraft either.  Here're some photos of recent cakes.

Latest cakes

No time to fully update the gallery, it's busy busy busy in the sugar studio at the moment prepping for all the upcoming cakes.  Here're a few of the latest additions to our back catalogue though.  Hope you enjoy! xxxx Kass.


Fantastic Food

Happy to announce a new addition to our happy family of trusted suppliers (see The Links Effect page in the menu bar).


"Delicious authentic Naples style, sourdough based pizzas, from Woodbox Pizza, all served from a stunning vintage Citroen H-Van!  

The ultimate crowd pleaser served from a stylish vintage van.  Honestly, what could be better for a relaxed wedding reception."