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Natural flavours

Synthetic flavourings are out at Kasserina, where the cakes are created using natural ingredients and the best quality products.  


We use real fruit, real chocolate, real coffee, real coconut, etc. to produce our authentic flavours, so a Kasserina cakes comes without any without any nasty chemical aftertaste.  

Kasserina also only uses fully ripened vanilla beans in our cakes, not under-matured "green" vanilla, which has a very different and distinctly less rounded, more chemical flavour.  This "true" vanilla is not the cheap choice, but it's consistantly proven to be the best one for our customers.

Cake Flavours 

Cake comes in many flavours, and here at Kasserina flavour is king.

These are tried and tested recipes that our customers love.  If you have a specific request, do say and we will always try to find that something special for you.


Don't forget, cakes can have different flavoured tiers or even different flavoured layers within them for added interest.

Please see below list for a list of flavours.




Buttercream is a fantastic medium for flavour and combined with sponge can really give you a luxurious hug with each mouthful.

It is the usual filling between layers of sponge cake, and can be combined with other fillings.  It can also be used to cover cakes, sealing in the moisture and giving a beautiful finish to your cake.


See below for alternative coverings for your cake.

Standard buttercream is an American style, but you can also choose a super-smooth and fluffy swiss meringue buttercream.

Extra Fillings

Make your cake as gorgeous on the inside as it is on the outside.


Adding extra fillings not only adds interest to the look of your cut cake, it adds a whole new level to the flavour profiles you can choose from!

Popular added fillings are salted caramel, fruit curds and jams, boozy compotes, fresh fruit, cookie dough, pralines, toasted nuts, sweets, chocolate shavings and (of course) Nutella.

Cakes can also have an extra boozy element with your favourite spirit or liqueur drizzled into the sponge before covering or added to your buttercream.

Please see below list for pricing.

Fondant Icing

Fondant icing (also known as roll out or sugarpaste) is a smooth dough which is used to cover cakes and make decorations.


It is a fantastically adaptable medium, producing affordable bespoke decoration for your cake that can match the theme of your party.  It can be tailored to match a colour, sculpted into gravity defying shapes, smoothed to produce a very clean finish, fashioned into flowers... the possibilities are endless.

Sealed inside a covering of fondant, your luxurious sponge is completely the same as any buttercream covered cake, just with an extra layer of icing on top so, if you are not a fan of eating fondant, you can have the design you want without compromising on the flavours you love.

Ganache (or marzipan if preferred) may be used under fondant icing to create a perfect base for a crisp finish, especially in hot conditions.  

Please note:  unlike many bakeries, we do not use gelatine in our fondant icing so your cake will be suitable to serve to vegetarian guests, and also to guests who cannot consume pork or beef products on religious grounds.



Price bands

Because different recipes take different amounts of work, and some ingredients costs a little more, cake flavours are priced in bands. Band 1 is for basic sponge recipes. Band 2 for those that have special processes / nuts / etc.  Band 3 is for recipes that involve boozy bits.  See below for a guide of which flavours belong to which band.  This is not a finite list of flavours though. If there is a flavour you cannot see, please ask.



Price band 1: as per basic sponge cake quote, eg:
* Vanilla / Victoria sponge
* Chocolate fudge cake
* Lemon / Lemon and elderflower drizzle cake
* Orange / orange spice/ orange and elderflower drizzle cake

* Coffee / coffee and cardamom cake

* Raspberry crush cake
* Red Velvet cake
* White chocolate and raspberry
* Caramel sponge cake
* Banana cake

* Chocolate Orange cake
* Pumpkin pie spiced cake
* Madeira cake (vanilla / lemon / orange / chocolate)

* Rosemary cake



Price band 2: as per basic sponge cake quote, plus £6 per tier / 30 servings, eg:

* Slow roasted strawberry cake
* Blueberry crush cake

* Chocolate and Guinness cake
* Carrot cake

* Baked apple and cinnamon cake

* Biscoff caramel biscuit cake

* Maple pecan cake

* Lime and rose sponge cake
* Coffee and walnut cake

* Greek honey cake

* Chocolate and dark cherry cake
* Banana & poppy seed/banana and walnut cake

* Lemon & poppy seed drizzle cake
* Lemon and almond drizzle cake
* Baked pear and almond cake
* Coconut cake
* Slow roasted rhubarb and ginger cake



Price band 3: as per basic sponge cake quote, plus £9 per tier / 30 servings, eg:

* “Bakewell” almond sponge with Amaretto drizzle

* “Pina Colada” Coconut and pineapple sponge with Malibu drizzle
* “Gin and tonic” juniper cake with Gin drizzle
* “Mojito” lime and mint cake with Rum drizzle

* “Pimms” summer crush cake with Pimms drizzle
* “Black forest gateau” chocolate fudge cake with Kirsch drizzle



Fruit cakes: as per basic fruit cake quote, eg:

* Rich fruit cake with Sherry or Brandy

* Caribbean fruit cake with dark Rum
* Earl grey / English breakfast tea fruit cake



Optional Fillings, etc., eg:

* Real chocolate buttercreams add £3 per tier
* Lemon curd, salted caramel, nutella, fruit compotes, coconut (bounty style) cream, pralines, etc. add £5 each per tier

* Fresh fruit add £5 per tier

* Home made compotes with boozy boost (eg. dark cherry compote with Kirsche, Apple compote with Calvados) add £7 each per tier

* “Bounty bar” style coconut cream filling add £5

* Cookie dough

* Alcohol based buttercream (eg. Ameretto, Baileys, rum) add £8 per tier
* Swiss buttercreams (instead of standard American style) add £4 per tier



(Prices correct for June 2019)