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This page includes Terms and Conditions. 
Please ensure you read through fully before booking.
By booking you are entering a contract with Kasserina Cakes.

Do ask if there are any parts that you need clarification on.  Thank you. what next?

If you are thinking about ordering a cake, please do email the details of what you have in mind (style, size, location, etc)to or message via the contact page so we can have a chat. 


Because each of our cakes is unique and made to the specific requirements of the customer, they are priced individually depending upon the size and work involved.  


Once we have had a chat we can work out a no-obligation estimate for your cake.  


If you are considering a wedding or large event, why not book a consultation?  You can try some samples and start us thinking about what we can do to make your cake perfect.



How much notice do we need?


The amount of notice we need for an order depends upon the complexity of the job and the season.  


Ideally, for weddings or larger events we suggest 10-12 months notice to secure your date, particularly in the busy summer months.  Spaces are limited and we are very careful not to overbook to ensure your cake is completed to a high standard.  

Please don't be put off if you have less time though.  By Spring we are usually fully booked for the busy wedding season (April to September), but occasionally there is a space available.  It's always worth asking. The worst that can happen is that we don't have space, but can suggest some other cake designers it's worth contacting.

It is always helpful to have a few pictures of cakes you like and perhaps a mood board of your plans for the wedding / event. 





To secure a booking date, we will need a booking fee to be paid (as specified by Kasserina) which acts as a non-returnable part-payment toward your order and goes toward covering the admin, design and business costs in creating a booking for you.  An instalment may be required, please see your invoice for details.  The balance of your bill will need to be paid in full in advance of any work being undertaken.  

Once an order is booked in, it is absolutely possible to spread the cost.  You can pay in on that account as and when you'd like to, in any amount, as long as the scheduled payments have been met by the stated dates (ie. any advance payments will be taken off the payments due).  Please do email over a notification when you pay in though to ensure they are registered against your account.

Quotes are an estimate of predicted cost, but final price is dependant on costs and design at time of making.

The schedule of the final payment is dependant upon the value of the cake and the date of completion.  This should be discussed with Kasserina as part of your order confirmation.  If the booking is cancelled after final payment is made, the whole amount may be forfeit.

Until a booking fee is received, and Kasserina has confirmed the booking in writing, you have not made a booking.  


On orders that are following a standard schedule, a 14 day cooling off period will be applicable after the booking fee is paid.  On short notice orders, where the creative work must start soon after booking, this may not apply due to a quick turnaround and monies are entitled to be held to cover any work already undertaken and costs incurred at your specific request for the expedited schedule.  You would however be entitled to collect any partially completed work / raw materials should you wish to, at a mutually agreed time. 


If payments are not received by the appointed date, your booking and monies received up to that date may be forfeit.  If you anticipate or encounter any problems with payment, please discuss this with us as soon as possible.

Complex cakes will require delivery and perhaps some assembly on site.  Our delivery rates are very competitive and dependant on the overall value of your order as well on the distance of your venue from Kasserina HQ.  

Decorations can be very time consuming to make, the materials are expensive and a sculpted cake takes more time and materials to produce than a regular one.  We recognise that it is very easy for ambition to outstrip budget.  


Options for reducing the price of a cake without reducing the impact include having tiers that aren't made of real cake, but polystyrene dummies, or having a separate sheet "cutting" cake if you have large numbers to feed.


Never hold back in telling us what you want, but if the estimated price exceeds your ideal expense, do let us know and we can tailor the design to reduce the cost and still produce a centrepiece you'll love.

While estimates are given with no obligation, any design work done during that process is the intellectual property of Kasserina Cakes.  If a design is found to have been copied, or given to another cake maker to reproduce, Kasserina reserves the right to charge for work done as well as for breach of copyright.

Scheduled payments received are non-refundable, be this the booking fee, an instalment or a final payment.  Cancellations should be made as early as possible to protect you against unnecessary loss.  Late cancellation may lead to further charges due to costs.

Collection and delivery times are arranged in advance.  In the case of delivery, please be sure that someone is available to receive the cake at the arranged time. If we are unable to safely deliver your cake at the arranged time, or in the case of late collection, it may lead to penalties or the forfeiture of your cake.

Services provided by Kasserina Cakes are not limited to time spent baking or decorating. Running a cake business includes time spent on design, admin, research, sourcing supplies, cleaning, driving, training, etc.  Our fees reflect this time, as well as other business and material expenses.  

By placing an order with Kasserina, you are entering into a contract.  

Kasserina contracts to provide a cake and the services supporting that to the best of our abilities within the perimeters you provide.  You undertake to provide payments as scheduled and the information requested to allow us to proceed.  


As stated at the top of this page and on subsequent paperwork, by entering into this contract you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and accept the terms as written here and that you will inform us if, at any point you are unclear about or uncomfortable with any of the stated terms, or indeed with any language used in any correspondence or paperwork relating to your booking.


Please note that your order is not dependant on the scale, or nature of your event.  Nor is it dependant on the status of any arrangements you may have with any other suppliers.  The order for your cake is a contract you enter into with Kasserina Cakes directly.  


If your plans change and you would like to alter the nature of your order, please contact Kasserina as soon as possible to discuss options.

By placing an order the client/s promises to meet the minimum order value requirements as stated by Kasserina.  If the order value (before delivery and set-up costs) drops below this stated rate the client promises to pay this minimum rate, or increase the cake requirements to reach this level.  Should the client choose to cancel the order, the costs as listed above will apply.

Due to worldwide events, there have been shortages and significant price rises in operating costs such as utilities, fuel, ingredients and other materials involved in making, decorating, supporting, protecting and transporting cakes.  While we are doing our best to mitigate this, and where possible we are absorbing the additional costs resulting from this to insulate our clients, there may be some cases where the expected materials are simply not available or not available within the budget allocated by the client and an alternative must be substituted.  We would never do this lightly and would always use what we consider to be the best alternative option available.​

Please note: the purchase costs of some elements (such as edible gold leaf) can fluctuate more than others at times of economic instability or become very difficult to source.  If there are any issues, Kasserina will let you know asap and we can discuss other design choices if necessary. However some issues may arise with very little warning and we reserve the option to make alterations if Kasserina feels it is the best available option at the time.


We have a selection of stands available to hire for our cake customers.  The stands to accompany our cakes should be returned within 3 weeks of your event.  We do require a security deposit, which is fully refunded after the stands are returned undamaged.  

Please let us know in advance if you wish to hire a stand so we can set one aside for you.

Returns can be in person or the stands can be mailed if packaged safely and sent via a reputable courier.  Any damage that occurs during transit is the responsibility of the person who packaged and sent the stand though.  Please make sure you insulate the stand well and place it in a sturdy box that will stand up to having other things piled on top or being thrown around by the courier before mailing.  Don't forget to add a note saying who the stand is from. 


Late returns will incur an incremental fine of £10 per week.  Please think of the next customer who's booked that stand.  


If you or the venue are providing a stand, we can only use it if we feel on the day that it is level and sturdy enough to support the weight of the cake.  We cannot be held responsible for the failure of stands we have not provided.

The same is true of the table provided.  It should be both sturdy enough, and in a situation that does not put the cake at risk of collapse, collision, movement, contamination, moisture or heat.  The safety of your investment and your guests is always our priority. We hope you understand. 

In the case of tables, barrels or other supports, please ensure that the surface is flat, even, level and clean.  If your table is placed on an uneven surface it will not be suitable.  If you have a table / barrel / other surface with top that is twisted or bowed, I cannot place a cake on it without the risk of the cake suffering damage.

Once set up by Kasserina, your cake should not be moved, added to, or in anyway endangered before cutting.  Cake is a delicate structure and it is easily damaged.  Kasserina can accept no liability for damage incurred after our representatives have left the cake on site.


Please make this clear to your caterers, venue, co-ordinator, etc.


The safety of your investment and your guests is always our priority.  

We hope you understand. 

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We will always strive to ensure that your cake is presented properly, and can liaise with venue staff where able, however it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that access to the venue, contact details, a suitable table, etc. will be made available to us.  While we will do our best to overcome obstacles, we cannot be held responsible for problems arising from issues with the venue.


Kasserina Cakes is registered with and approved by the Food Standards Agency with a 5 star rating, is insured and food safety training is verified by certificates.



While we are always extremely aware of allergen contamination, and make every effort to ensure strict guidelines are adhered to, we do use use ingredients such as nuts, alcohol and gluten flours in our kitchen and some ingredients used may have been prepared in environments where allergens were present.  


Please do make us aware of any allergies or dietary requirements in advance of your cake being made and we will endeavour to cater to your needs.

All of our cakes are vegetarian.

Please advise Kasserina in advance and asap of any allergies or food intolerances.


Late notice may cause recipes to be changed and scheduling issues.


Gluten: As with all other cake makers who are not GF only, we cannot accurately claim my cakes to be "gluten-free" because they are not made in an entirely gluten-free kitchen. This means that while we can happily make cakes with GF flour (which are fine for guests who have a mild gluten intolerance) they would not be suitable for guests that have Celiac Disease, a serious auto-immune related condition where any exposure to gluten can cause ill-health. Products for Celiacs should only be sourced from a specialist gluten-free supplier due to the dangers of any gluten being present. If there exists any doubt at all, we strongly advise to err on the side of caution.


Nuts & seeds: we do use nuts and seeds in my kitchen so we cannot absolutely guarantee elimination of transfer.  Nut oils are especially difficult to completely eradicate.  Additionally some ingredients used may have been prepared in environments where allergens were present.  You would need to discuss this with your guest (or an adult with responsibility for them) so they can make their own decision on whether it would be safe to eat the cake, and inform the people serving the cake on the day.  If there exists any doubt at all, we strongly advise to err on the side of caution and that the cakes should not be consumed by guests with nut/seed allergies.


Please note:  persons with nut allergies may react to being in close proximity to food that contains nuts (via airborne particles).  You should always consult your guests with nut allergies beforehand to check their safety will not be compromised before ordering a recipe that contains nuts.


With the exception of organic edible grade flower, and with a heavy heart, due to recent developments regarding Food Standards Agency (FSA) advice and public safety regulations (particularly in regard to pest contamination risks of illnesses such as Salmonella and Weil's disease and species / chemical toxicity issues), I will no longer be using standard, florist supplied, fresh flowers on cake. Only those deemed edible grade. The safety of my clients and their loved ones must always take priority over other considerations.  

However I can make realistic or fantasy ones to order from sugarpaste or cold porcelain, which can be kept as a keep-sake of your day. 

I can also source edible grade fresh or pressed flowers for your cake.  


No additions (including but not limited to; flowers, decorations, toppers) should be added to the cake by anyone other than a Kasserina Cakes representative. Kasserina cannot be held responsible for any contaminants introduced by a 3rd party.

Further, any damage to the cake, whether accidental, malicious, neglectful or through interference by a person not directly employed by Kasserina Cakes will be in no way the responsibility of Kasserina Cakes.  Any claim made should be pursued against the person or persons whose actions led to the damage, or their employer.  This includes any damage sustained by persons moving the cake, the platform it is on, or anything above or nearby the cake once it has been set up by Kasserina.

We STRONGLY advise against moving any cake once it has been set up on site.  The risk of damage is simply too great.  

Should you experience any issues with your cake, please do let us know as soon as possible so we have a chance to try and resolve the problem. If at all possible we will return to site and / or take the cake back to HQ and fix the issue.  Complaints are taken very seriously. We will need photographic proof (taken at the time of discovery) and the return of the complete cake, uneaten, within 2 days of the event so we can assess the product before any form of refund could be considered.

Any issues regarding the design of the cake, where the cake matched the plan agreed by the client, will NOT be considered the responsibility of Kasserina Cakes.  Please be sure you understand what you are asking for and approving in advance.


In the event that the person who is ordering the cake (ie, the point of contact) is not the person/s the cake is ultimately destined for (eg. where a cake is being ordered by an intermediary business / one person within an organisation / a family member or friend who is paying for a wedding or party cake), please make sure that that point of contact is clear on the exact brief.

Conversations should be between Kasserina and that one point of contact.  Kasserina will understand the point of contact ordering the cake / display to have the power to approve the design and arrangements and that all final design details have been agreed by any other person or body involved.   Design by committee tends to lead to misunderstandings.   Kasserina cannot be held responsible for any failure in communication, or differences of opinion, between the point of contact and their colleagues / clients / family members / friends. 

Please protect your linens and surfaces.  Cake boards, stands, icings, coloured elements, etc. can stain and scratch your belongings if care is not taken.  Similarly, please be aware that food colourings can temporarily stain teeth and skin, which can make for amusing photographs, but may not be the look you were going for on your wedding day.

Most cakes will require some form of structural support, potentially including (but not limited to) internal dowels, cake cards, floral wires, wooden supports.  Where possible Kasserina will inform you / your caterers of the structural elements of the cake.  Please do take note and serve the cake accordingly.  For example, toppers and sugar flowers will usually have an internal support or be wired.  While these are made using sugar products, they are not designed to be eaten and we strongly caution against consumption.

No two cakes will ever look exactly the same, no matter how hard you try, so please be aware; that some degree of variation is inevitable, that sketches are an impression not a photograph, that plans are only plans and that there may be occasion to alter details for reasons of aesthetic or structural improvement.   We will always strive to give you the best product possible, and to go above and beyond your expectations.

In accordance with public health legislation, in case of a suspected transmittable illness within the team there may be a situation where we are unable to honour a booking.    In this case we will do all we can to help customers to source an alternative supplier, etc. but can offer no guarantee.   We have never had to do this yet, but if a situation occurred we will always err on the side of public safety.  We hope you understand.

In the case of injury, serious emergency, illness, inclement weather, road closures, vehicular breakdown, road traffic accident or similar circumstances rendering us unable to deliver your cake as agreed, Kasserina may choose to offer a partial refund but cannot be held responsible for any perceived compensation claim as a result of the cake not being present. This does not mean we will not try.  Your satisfaction is always a priority.

Similarly, in the case of accidental damage where the cake is not fit to be delivered while still in the care of Kasserina, eg. in the case of a road traffic accident, Kasserina may choose to refund the fee but cannot be held responsible for any perceived compensation claim as a result of the cake not being present.  The same holds true if there are any supply issues that prevent your cake being made to pre-agreed specifications.  

By necessity of demand, bookings may be taken some time in advance of the event therefore (as with any business or individual) unforeseen circumstances could lead to a change in situation rendering Kasserina unable to complete the cake. As above, Kasserina may choose to refund any monies already paid, but cannot be held responsible for any perceived 

compensation claim as result of the cake not being present or difficulties/expenses incurred in finding an alternative vendor.  


Kasserina strongly recommends clients invest in wedding insurance.


Please note: Location is important and may prevent me from taking your booking.  Some venues, particularly city centre ones, are simply not conducive to delivering and setting up a wedding cake safely.  If there is not a suitable loading area, if there are access issues, if the floors are liable to move (so jiggling the cake), if the cake is liable to be left by a sunny window, etc. I may need to rescind an initial offer of service in advance of the cake being made. There are many venues that I love the look of, that offer great accommodation and exceptional food… but that are just not wedding cake friendly.  If I cannot be reasonably sure of the security of your cake, I just can’t take the risk and would not be comfortable taking your money. 

In some cases (e.g. for larger cakes or ones that need to be pre-stacked due to design demands) extra staff may be needed for safe delivery, incurring additional fees.  

Late delivery times may incur additional fees due to extended working hours.

Where parking costs, ULEZ or congestion charges are required in order to deliver, or where delivering your cake has incurred penalty charges due to a lack of access, the client would be liable for these costs due to their choice of venue.  


Following physical threats made against, and the harassment of, another highly regarded cake maker in the area;  Kasserina reserves the right to cancel an order at any point if unreasonable behaviour is experienced and similarly reserves the right to inform other suppliers, individuals, groups or authorities if they feel that a client has the potential to endanger the safety or reputation of a supplier.  If any individual, or group, engages in any form of defamatory or extortionary acts against Kasserina, Kasserina's representatives, family members, friends or other suppliers, Kasserina and Kasserina's representatives reserve the right to use any and all information and evidence available to present to the wider public and authorities in our defence.

Unreasonable behaviour includes messages, conversations or acts that make any representative of Kasserina feel harassed, bullied and/or threatened, whether directly by the client or by any person related to / representing the client.  If any such behaviour is experienced by any representative of Kasserina, Kasserina Cakes may consider the terms of the contract in breach, continuation of the order untenable and cancel the booking with immediate effect.  In this case the client will forfeit any funds they have paid that have been used up during the fulfilment of the order to date (eg. man hours, materials, other costs) to be calculated in line with "Frustration of purpose" legislation (England and Wales).

This should not deter any clients from contacting us if they have any valid concerns.  We value all feedback as a tool to improving our services.

Delayed payment of booking fee may result in the date becoming unavailable / quoted costs increasing in line with updated rates. Payment clearance in full is due before cake delivery / collection. Overdue payments may forfeit your booking.  Late cancellations may still be subject to full payment due to costs and scheduling, please refer to your invoice for deadlines.  All estimates are made in good faith and with the information provided at the time.  Receipt of an invoice or estimate is in no way a promise to provide services. Alterations to design may not be possible close to delivery date.

Charges are based on all business costs and man hours involved with processing your order, not just the time spent decorating and baking.  All invoices are EOE.

In accordance with public health legislation, in the unlikely case of illness or injury affecting our team, we may be forced to rescind booking.  In this case we would do what we could to help find an alternative supplier for you.   



Given recent history, lockdowns, restrictions and Covid infections (or similar infections) within your household / circle no longer class as unforeseeable circumstances and do not nullify a booking. If a virus is contracted or suspected and you are unable to have your event as planned, please let us know as soon as possible and we will endeavour to carry your order forward to a future date.

Postponements may incur additional charges due to increased admin and costs.

As well as adherence to the usual high levels of food hygiene practices, Kasserina has implemented enhanced measures to minimise the risk presented by Covid 19 or similar and minimising the risk of interruption to our services. 


The exact measures necessary may vary as safety advice may change according to EHO and government stipulated requirements at the time, the proliferation of illness at the time, and the individual requirements of your chosen venue / suppliers.  


Kasserina reserves the right to implement whatever safety protocols we deem necessary for the safety of ourselves, our clients, our families, any other person, and our business, irrespective of the personal beliefs of the the client or any other person.  Likewise, the same holds true for any other illness or situation that poses a threat to public safety.


Although we use ingredients and materials that are as stable as possible, cakes, fillings and icings will degrade over time and cakes should be eaten while fresh.  Extreme weather conditions, or the cake being moved into a hot environment may greatly accelerate this process and is difficult to predict.  Kasserina cannot be on site at all times to police this and while concerns may be raised by Kasserina, after delivery it is the responsibilty of the client and / or their representatives to ensure that the cake is safe from damage, contamination, collapse or degradation due to heat.  


If a cake has been left out in the heat by the client it may begin to turn sour.  It is up to the person serving the cake to decide if it is fit to serve safely and Kasserina cannot be held responsible for any negative results of how the client has chosen to store or display a cake.  In the case of very warm weather, we recommend bringing the cake cutting forward and either serve earlier or refrigerate until you decide to serve (nb. refrigeration beforehand will often cause damage to the cake decorations).

In rare cases, Kasserina may feel that for safety reasons a cake should be delivered at a later time than originally planned.  This decision would not be taken lightly and any altered plans would be communicated to the other suppliers involved to try to limit the impact on your day.  Due to the nature of weddings, it may not be practical (or in the best emotional interest of the couple) to liaise with the commissioning client directly on the day so it will be up to the on-site suppliers (eg. planner, venue contact, caterer) to communicate these arrangements as they feel it is best to do so.  If this is something you would like to make an alternative arrangement for, please let us know in advance.

Your cake is best eaten on the day of your wedding, but can be eaten up to 3 days afterward as long as it is stored in suitable conditions, except for tiers that contain fresh fruit or cream cheese frosting which should be eaten on the day.  Once cut, it should be cling-wrapped in small sections, placed in food-safe, air-tight containers, and kept in a cool area.  Refrigeration, damp, condensation or warmth may dry / melt / sour the cake components or cause the cake to “sweat”, leading to an uncooked appearance.  


Cake can be frozen for up to 2 months then allowed to gradually thaw for eating, however the recommended 3 days of room temperature storage still apply.  Freezing may adversely effect the gluten structure and thereby the eating quality of your cake.

All quotes are made in good faith and with the information provided at the time.  Receipt of an invoice or quote is in no way a promise to provide services.


Clients are reminded that design demands may change according to circumstances on the day and that you chose to engage Kasserina because of the style of cakes previously produced by Kasserina. Any design decisions made by Kasserina will be according to structural, material or circumstantial demands experienced at the time, working toward the best design outcome for the client. By accepting these terms you acknowledge that you understand this and give your permission for these decisions to be made by Kasserina.

Because of the nature of the medium, no cake will ever be entirely perfect and they are susceptible to damage from human and environmental factors. No form of refund will be considered for perceived imperfections deemed to be the result of; 1. the nature of the design requested by the client (eg, mis-interpretation of cake terms, exact colour matching, inappropriate flowers / props being supplied on the day, exact placement of decorative elements, etc), 2. exaggerated by bad lighting (eg down lighters, backlit from window, up lighters, etc… ie not immediately visible under general ambient lighting circumstances), or 3. damage that was done after Kasserina delivered the cake irrespective of who / what was responsible, be it guest, venue, supplier, pests, heat source, etc. Any issues of damage that occurred as a result of any supplier other than Kasserina should be taken up with that supplier directly. NB. For advice on environmental factors, please see above.


Similarly, in the event of on-site issues that could prove damaging to the cake (eg. cake table set up by a window, on a sprung dance floor, pest infestation, unsuitable table, limited clearance for passing guests or staff, proximity to heat source, relocation of cake after set up, etc.), Kasserina reserves the right to take measures as possible to ensure the safety of your cake is preserved.  Kasserina will always strive to create the safest environment for your cake, but where efforts to ensure the safety of the cake are obstructed (eg by lack of alternative provision, refusal of venue / suppliers to comply with Kasserina’s requests, etc) Kasserina cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs.  Such matters should be taken up directly with the supplier in question.   (NB. Wedding day logistics would usually prohibit us being able to contact you directly to clarify instructions & could cause unwarranted delays & distress. We would actively avoid this unless you have specifically instructed us to do so because of the possible adverse affect on your wedding day).


By placing an order you are confirming that you have read, understand and agree to abide by Kasserina's terms and conditions and will similarly undertake to read the contents of all communications and paperwork provided.  Kasserina cannot be held to be responsible for any issues brought to light after the fact or too late to be rectified, that could have been corrected had the information provided been read by the client and potential issues / queries brought to Kasserina's attention in a timely manner.  Similarly Kasserina cannot be held responsible for any oversight or omission in the design brief provided by the client.

In cases where the commissioning client/s ordering the cake is/are not the same as the clients who’s wedding it is, the order is taken by Kasserina on the understanding that the couple have read, approved and had veto over the cake details as ordered.  Likewise, both parties who are to be married are understood to have agency over the order and the last communication will be considered to be the current brief.  Kasserina cannot be held responsible for any breakdown in communication between parties, nor for any perceived impact, either accidental or intentional.  We can only proceed using the information we have been provided with.  No refunds can be claimed if the cake ordered by the commissioning  client does not match what others had expected.  If in doubt, please contact Kasserina directly for clarification.  We reserve the right to be transparent in this regard, although client privacy issues must remain a consideration.


Kasserina cake designs are the intellectual property of Karen Fraser-Clay and will be protected as such. The use of Kasserina’s photography is similarly subject to UK and international copyright laws. Giving a Kasserina design to another cake maker to produce is strictly forbidden & a copyright infringement under international law.  Kasserina and the representatives of Kasserina Cakes reserve the right to bill for design elements used as well as costs / legal fees / compensation / damage to brand / etc. incurred by the acts of individual/s or businesses / organisations. Any booking is taken on the understanding that the client agrees to abide by the terms and conditions as stated.



Any information provided to Kasserina, either directly or via a 3rd party party such as Facebook, Google, etc., is collected by Kasserina to aid the management of your order, to respond to your enquiry and/or to keep you informed about events which may interest you.  It is absolutely not intended to be shared with any other person or business.

By providing your details you are giving permission for Kasserina to contact you.  We will keep this contact minimal.  If you no longer wish to receive emails, etc. please unsubscibe or let me know.



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