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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much is a cake?

Click the button above to go to the pricing page.

What area do you cover?

Kasserina Cakes is based on the south coast of England in Bournemouth, Dorset


For large cakes and wedding cakes we generally deliver within a (roughly) 150 mile radius for fondant covered cakes (depending on the design), or 50 miles for buttercream (which doesn't travel so well).  We limit the distance for reasons of minimising risk and delivery costs and because to be on the road for extended time during busy periods limits our overall booking capacity.  For larger orders, distances can be extended within reasonable parameters.

For cakes that are being collected, distance limits do not apply, however extra internal support or design adaptations may be necessary so it's important to tell us if you intend to travel with it.  

Do you do wedding consultations?

Absolutely! Consultations are usually conducted via Zoom as it is so easy to do and fits in around the working day with the minimum of inconvenience for everyone.  Face to face consultations can also be arranged, but will incur an additional fee.

Tasters can be made for collection from Kasserina HQ and, of course, there are the mailed tasters boxes which I send out 2-3 times a year for those who are unable to collect.  I do charge a nominal fee for  for these.

Do you have any tips on planning my cake?

Click the button below to link through to the Kasserina blog, where you will find lots of posts with top tips that can help you with styles, terminology, choosing flavours and more.

How do collections work?

Smaller cakes and tasters can be collected from Kasserina HQ.

If you are collecting, please be aware that you will need to transport any cake VERY carefully. 

We will provide care information on delivery / collection, and there is transport advice below, please do follow the guidance.   Although we will try to help with repairs when able to, Kasserina cannot accept responsibility for any damage that occurs once the cake has left our hands.

If you prefer delivery, please let us know asap.

When you pick up the cake it will be boxed and a guide to transporting the cake, storage, etc. will be provided. 
The cake box should be picked up gently and carried from underneath (DO NOT SQUEEZE THE SIDES) so the sides don’t fold in and damage the cake and, of course, it’s important to drive slowly with gentle acceleration and braking and no sharp turns.

The best way to think about it is, imagine your cake is a new baby who's just fallen asleep in the car and you REALLY don't want to wake them up ;)
Generally, the coolest and most level place to transport a cake is in the boot with nothing that can fall on or slide into the box, no heating vents, under a parcel shelf so there is no direct sunlight, with the air-con on if it’s a hot day and with a non-slip matt under the box.  

Car seats are not level so are not a safe place to put your cake and, let's be honest, the foot-wells are just not really hygienic. 
Having a passenger holding the cake can cause it to get warm, be tipped or cause the sides of the box to collapse if it is held too tightly, a perfect recipe for damaging a cake, so it is really not advisable. 

Please remember that once the cake is in your care, you accept responsibility for it's safety.    

Collections may not be possible for all cakes, depending in the design, and is not possible for tiered wedding cakes or ambitious sculpted cakes.

How do we book?

We ask for a nominal up-front payment to cover admin and secure your booking.  Further installments will be determined on a sliding scale according to the total cost of your order, and will be explained clearly in your invoice, in advance of you making payment.   All fees are due in advance of cake being made.  
If orders are short notice, the full amount may be due with immediate effect before booking can be secured.

Because Kasserina is a small bespoke cake business, capacity is limited.  If you have not secured your booking we cannot hold a space open for you, sorry.

Due to scheduling, material purchasing and admin costs, all payments are non-refundable unless agreed in writing by Kasserina.

Please remember that by making a booking you are entering into a contract with Kasserina so do be sure to read through the T&Cs, etc. first.

Do you charge more for wedding cakes?

We absolutely DO NOT load wedding cake costs.  
There are some costs that may not apply to smaller cakes, like on site set-up, structural materials and specialist decoration and, because of capacity issues, minimum orders do apply (see above) but all costs are based on the time and materials involved.  
We try very hard to make the whole thing transparent.  

Can I have the tiers as different flavours?

Absolutely!  This does not cost any extra in itself.  Some recipes and fillings cost more than others because more time and more pricey ingredients go into them, but these are all optional. As a general rule, I'd suggest having one or two crowd pleaser tiers (eg. Victoria sponge, Chocolate fudge cake, Lemon drizzle cake, etc.) and then maybe go for something special for you, but there really are no hard and fast rules to this.  It's your cake!

Can you copy a cake​​?

I can take inspiration from another cake maker's work and create cakes in a distinct style, but I cannot copy another cake maker's work exactly due to copyright infringement laws, nor would I want to.  Your cake should be yours, it should be unique to you.

How far ahead should I book my cake?

As with any supplier, the earlier you book the better to avoid disappointment.  You don't have to know exactly what you want, you can refine that as we go forward, but saving your place means that you can relax a little and evolve your "look".

As a general rule, bookings are usually taken around a year in advance, and by early in the year I am fully booked, but summer months tend to fill up quickly and I have limited capacity so once the space is gone, it's gone.

There are always some weeks that book up more slowly than others though so it's worth asking even if it's short notice. I may have space left.

Do you use fresh or dried flowers on your cakes?

I used to, just like so many cake makers, but after researching into what plants are poisonous I have come to understand that materials produced for floristry are simply not suitable for food contact.  I no longer use fresh or dried flowers on my cakes. The safety of my clients and their loved ones is too important.


But, I can make naturalistic flowers from sugarpaste or cold porcelain to use on your cake that make great keepsakes long after the wedding day.

I can also source edible grade fresh or pressed flowers for use on cakes, from Food Standards Agency and Environmental Health Office registered growers and producers.

"The conclusion of my research re. updated FSA guidance 2024 was:

The risks of toxicity and / or severe allergenic reaction from the plants themselves, or indeed from the chemicals and contaminants they are exposed to during growing, distribution and storage, make them unsuitable for food contact and potentially dangerous.  No florist could reasonably be expected to produce any documentation to the contrary.


It also makes them carriers of various diseases and illnesses that could easily be transferred to a cake from fresh or dried foliage.  These include (but are not limited to): Salmonella, Weil’s disease, E.coli, Listeria, cryptosporidiosis, Psittacosis, Bird Flu, illnesses (including Encephalitis) resulting from ingesting the larvae or eggs of various parasitic worms such as tapeworm, hookworm and roundworm..."

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