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About Kasserina

I'm Kass, but I'm also known as Kasserina Cakes, a nickname my friend gave me because of my love for baking, and my habit of turning up on set with treats!

My interest in baking and sugarcraft started as a small child, "helping" my mum to make wedding cakes, but has since grown into a severe case of cake-love.  My best friends like to remind me of when we were poor students and we used to create "adventure cakes" together, basically cakes made from whatever we could find in the cupboard (this later became a regular activity with the kids when they were little too!).  Adventure cakes were (usually) delicious and helped to keep our spirits up when assignments were due.  They also gave me an understanding of how to create recipes and flavour combinations that really work!

My original career was in the camera dept for film and television productions (I was usually to be seen with a big camera on my shoulder) but, after 18 years, I set my career aside to care for 3 small children.  Once the kids were sorted, I found that the new technology had moved too fast to try and go back so I embraced my love of cake art and worked for two bakeries designing and making their wedding and celebration cakes as well as teaching sugarcraft. Kasserina Cakes became my full time business in 2015.

Thankfully, the gamble has paid off.  I'm happy to say that my cake career has flourished, my skills continue to grow and I've gained a reputation for show-stopping cakes featuring naturalistic sugar flowers, sculptural imagination, great flavour combinations and stunning attention to detail. 

Kasserina Cakes functions thanks to my lovely family and a wonderful network of friends who support and help me, so I often refer to Kasserina as "we" although, like most bespoke cake businesses, I'm essentially an owner operator. 

I specialise in wedding and sculpted cakes.  My style can be quite varied, and my favourite cake is generally the last one I made, but the ethos of the business centres around the idea that each cake should both look and taste amazing.  To me, there's nothing more disappointing than the wasted potential of a cake that fails on either of those scores!

I always strive to use natural sources of flavour and avoid synthetic additives that can leave a chemical aftertaste.  So, my lemon cake is made with real lemons, the apple cake is flavoured with fresh apples, the chocolate frosting is made with real chocolate and my flavours are always fresh and delicious.  


Unlike many bakeries, Kasserina cakes are made using gelatine free ingredients and icings, so they are suitable to serve to your vegetarian guests.


I believe your cake should be the best it can be, so I bake fresh to ensure your centrepiece is remembered for all the right reasons!

Whatever you are looking for, whether it's an intricate showstopper, a rustic country style centrepiece or a celebration cake for a much loved friend, please do drop me a line to chat. You'll be glad you did!



Kasserina Cakes is based on the south coast of England in Littlehampton, between Chichester and Brighton.  I generally cover up an area up to around 50 miles for larger cakes.

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