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Cake Prices

How much is a cake?

This is the question I am asked most, but it's probably the hardest one to answer cold.

The best place to start is;

* When the cakes is for (so I know if there's a space in the diary)

* How many people the cake needs to feed (how big)

* What style you have in mind (buttercream/sugarpaste/naked + design/theme)...add photos if you have them

* The venue if it's for a big event or wedding (if the cake needs to be delivered and where to)

* If you have an ideal budget (so I know where to pitch the design ideas)

My minimum order value for wedding, large event and sculpted cake orders are £450 during the busy summer wedding season (April to September) or £350 in the quieter winter season (October to March).  This is due to limited capacity, as no cake should be rushed.

For smaller cakes, the minimum order value in busy periods is £150, or £100 for quieter times.  

I often get fully booked some months before, so make sure to secure your booking early where possible.

How cakes are priced

Prices are determined according to the time and material costs that go into making them and for the design, communication and administration time that goes into each order.  


Some cake design processes are more time consuming than others and this is also reflected in the costs.


Quotes are created according to the specific design.  Below are some example cake sizes and costs based on each tier being deep stacked, ie approx 6” deep.  


There are many configuration and shapes that can be created. A mixture of shallower and deeper tiers can be used to create a more unique profile.  These examples are just the easiest starting point for explaining prices. Please ask if you would like to see sketches of different configuraions.


Please note:  these are starting prices.  Additional decoration, etc, is priced according to time and materials and charged on top. For simple decoration, please assume that the final cost would be approx 30% more than the starting price.  For more complex cakes, with lots of hand made decoration, this starting price could easily be only 30%-50% of the final price. 


It should be noted that the average cost of a professionally made cake for UK couples in (pre-covid) 2019 was £620, for 2022 it was approx £780.  Sadly, the cost of making cakes continues to rise due to increased utilities, fuel, ingredient and consumable costs and shortages, so I would expect that the average spend to increase accordingly.  


This does not mean that your cake would come in at this price, it’s just to give you an idea of the average spend.  


Of course, a cake that uses less materials and takes less time (like a buttercream or semi-naked cake with fresh flowers) would come in at a much lower price than a ganached and fondant covered cake with lots of handmade flowers.

For  cakes over 5 tiers, extra tall cakes, or even just to create a bigger wow factor for smaller numbers, you can choose to have dummy (faux) tiers.  Cake servings can be increased by adding additional, precut “sheet” cakes.

Semi-naked cakes - starting at £4.90 per slice

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Buttercream covered cakes - starting at £5.60 per slice

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Fondant (sugarpaste) covered cakes - starting at £6.80 per slice

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