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It's a wrap... on fresh flowers.

So, up to this point I have been using fresh flowers on cakes, not least because I absolutely love how they look and the possibilities... but it has always been problematic because so many fresh flowers are toxic, the rules on how we can apply the flowers are pretty restrictive, and we are dependant on what florists supply.

This year I've been thinking seriously if I could continue using fresh flowers after a couple of very tricky situations when inappropriate flowers were supplied to go on cakes. The FSA say that the florist is legally responsible if they supply something for the cake that is toxic and causes illness, but we still have to be the gate-keepers. We still have to protect our clients.

Now though... with a heavy heart, due to recent developments regarding Food Standards Agency (FSA) advice and public safety regulations (particularly in regard to pest contamination and species / chemical toxicity issues) I will no longer be using fresh flowers on cake. The safety of my clients and their loved ones must always take priority over other considerations.

However I can make realistic or fantasy ones to order from sugarpaste, cold porcelain or wafer paper (or even use good quality silk / faux foliage where appropriate) all of which can be kept as a keep-sake of your day. 

The more traditional medium is to use sugarpaste, a harder form of fondant icing, but I also offer cold porcelain flowers which are far less susceptible to breakage or damage from moisture and last far, far beyond your wedding day.

Here are some examples of my handmade floristry on different past cakes.

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